Monday, May 6, 2013

Recap of Last Week.....

Not a whole lot of excitement for the week but we were VERY thankful for beautiful weather Mon-Wed.!
Any chance we got meals were served out side. :)
Bella had a fundraiser at school and if they sold 15 discount cards they would earn a limo ride to an all you can eat pizza party.  She was immediately obsessed with this challenge and BEGGED for us to help her.  The hubs taught her a good sales pitch and she made a list of people she wanted to ask.  Mom and dad had to buy 4 of them but she was able to sell the rest.  She was truly SO excited.  So this last Tuesday was the big day.  I of course insisted on being the crazy parent there wanting pics.  Fortunately, there was one other parent. :)
Only 9 kids in the whole school earned this prize!
Here is their limo.

I even followed to the pizza place but left after just grabbing a quick pic.  She said she ate 3 giant pieces!! :)
This is Brooklyn and her boyfriend, Landon, playing outside our preschool.  They both did this on their own and then Landon insisted his mommy get a pic. Ha!  Saving this one for their wedding. :)
Our Wednesday (the last day of 80+ degree weather) was full of play dates.  Brynn had one with her buddies, Madelyn, over before school.  Again meals outside. :)  They were so sweet and easy.  They literally played at our kitchen table with Lalaloopsy and princess figurines the ENTIRE time, until lunch.
Our front bush bloomed over night with flowers so had to get a pic.  The girls are also giddy with their closet full of "new" summer dresses.
That afternoon Bella has 3 girl friends over from her class.  I told their moms to send suits, turned on the hose, and put them to work washing my car! Ha.  They found it quite exciting. :)  Also had fun playing in the sprinkler.

Brooke even jumped in to help.
That night we continued to enjoy our weather by grilling out for the first time this season!  And the kiddos just ran around and played in the backyard until 7:30.
Can't wait for this weather to come and STAY!  
Back in the high 40s/low 50s the last two days. :(

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