Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013!!

First things first,
 I must wish a happy Mother's Day to the two mommies in my life!! 
(and of course my awesome grandmas in heaven)  
Thankful the hubs' mom brought me a partner for life and thankful to my mom for giving me life and being one of my best friends!
The hubs planned the most perfect Mother's Day ever!
As much as I love my family and spending time with them,
 all I really ask for on Mother's Day is to be alone. :)  
I know terrible right?  
I spend most of every day being needed in some way.  And I am definitely a people person but occasionally I crave a day of not talking to anyone.  And I like to use Mother's Day as this day.  Every now and then the hubs with take a kid or two out for a little bit (and usually just the older girls if he takes 2) but it doesn't happen very often.  He does better staying in with them, so I rarely have a quiet house.  This Mother's Day they let me sleep in and then I received breakfast in bed along with many homemade presents (and also a nice charm bracelet from the hubs).  Then the best part, the hubs took ALL 3 of the kids OUT of the house.  It was SO nice.  The crew left about 10:30.  I sat around, watched a movie (The Impossible- about the Tsunami- SO good), relaxed.  After a while I thought I'd get out (thinking the hubs was going to be back soon- turns out they didn't get back until 4!).  I grabbed lunch, alone.  Sat quietly, didn't have to share or serve anyone else.  Then I leisurely walked around the mall for hours. :)  Did a little shopping for myself.  Went to Babies R Us and drooled over all the baby things I'd love to have.  Then walked around Target and grabbed a couple essentials for the next day's dinner.  I grabbed one of my favorites for dinner, Buffalos, on the way home and get home about 6.  A perfectly lovely day on my own. :)

After dinner the girls were begging me to do something with them.  They said they wanted to do something WITH me on Mother's Day.  Ha.  So we played a board game together before heading up for baths and bedtime.

Couldn't have asked for a nicer Mother's Day.  So thankful for my hubs and the 3 beautiful girls (and one in heaven) that make it possible for me to be called Mommy, a life long dream.

Something else I like on Mother's Day is for the hubs to get some pics of me with my girls.  Since I take most of our day to day pics, I am rarely in them.  I also wanted a few maternity pics before I get too humongous (Blakely will be here in SIX WEEKS. ;)
So here are a couple of my favs that the hubby quickly took.

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