Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Letter to Bella.....

Oh my dearest Bella,

             My heart is a bit heavy for you right now.  This letter is a bit random but a couple things happened the last two days I just wanted to remember.  You have the most tender heart.  Which I just LOVE about you but also scares me.  When you were little one of the things I admired most about you was your fearlessness.  You would blindly jump in to or try anything and everything with out a second thought.  Only newly two year old I know that would leap right off the diving board with only a floatie to catch you!  I was so thankful you were this way because it was totally NOT me and always wished I had been more like that.  As you've grown I noticed that disappearing more and more.  It makes me sad to see the evilness of this world begin to take that from you.  I just pray you don't let Satan take all that fearlessness from you.  Be strong against him and know that you have the Lord in your corner and in your heart.

Yesterday we had a gathering at our house and normally we try to keep the trampoline to 3 to 4 kids at a time.  However, with 11 big kids here that is a little easier said than done.  You came over to tell us there was more than 3 kids on the trampoline and I said not to worry about it right now and that we would keep an eye on things.  You got very upset and said, "But its for their own safety," and walked away crying.  Ha.  Love that heart sweetie.  You get so emotional.   I also love your love for guidelines and following the rules and pray pray pray that never changes! :)

So today while walking home after I picked you up from the bus you were pretty moody.  Normally, you'll tell me something from the day even if its "We did the same thing we always do."  But today by the time we got home it was clear you didn't want to talk.  So I left you alone.  After a little bit of you and Brynn playing outside, Brynn came up to me saying that you were not letting her be by you.  So I asked you to come in and talk with me.  I asked why you weren't allowing Brynn to play with you and it wasn't long before you broke down and said, "I had a hard day on the bus," and burst into tears.  Agh.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the bus?  You went on to tell me that you had a pretend phone out (an old cell phone of ours) and a boy near by shouted loudly that you had it to get you in trouble (apparently they can't have cell phones (real)).  You said you were really embarrassed and started to cry but no one saw.  Agh.  I just hate how mean kids can be.  And being easily embarrassed myself I can imagine exactly what you were feeling.  My baby.  Kids can be mean.  And I'll type here what I told you, kids can be mean and that's why its so important to surround yourself with friends that are nice and treat you the way you want to be treated.  Thankfully you seem to have bounced back quickly and are currently cleaning and organizing your clubhouse.

I love you baby girl, and I love your heart.  I pray for you daily and hope you know daddy and I are always here for you!!
Love, mommy

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