Monday, May 16, 2011

One SWEET Birthday Party!

Well this post is WAY over due (and super long sorry!)!
When trying to plan the girls' birthday party I was thinking they would want it at a gym, or a bouncy house, or Chuck E. Cheese, etc. So I asked Bella what kind of party she would like, her response?
"I want it at church and I want to play Candyland." :)
She could literally play Candyland ALL DAY.
After hearing a speaker at MOPS talk about kids' elaborate birthday parties these days, and her asking us to think about who are we really throwing the crazy parties for, and how the kids would be perfectly happy doing just about anything while being the center of attention, I was really convicted about it. Here I was thinking Chuck E. Cheese or at our local gymnastics gym and all Bella wanted to do was play Candyland. :)
So that's what we did!
We reserved a room at our church again since we needed the space, like we did last year, and my mom and I began planning a Candyland party!
Here are the invitations that my wonderful momma made!

We just went for colorful for the decorations. And I ordered the paper goods and a few decorations from Birthday Express.

My crazy talented mom worked hard a couple of days leading up to the big event to create an awesome cake for the girls!

Here are the pics from the girls Candyland Birthday party.
10-10:30- Kids arrive, Candyland coloring sheets out on tables, each kid grabs a color coded name tag which splits them into 6 groups of about 5 to 6 kids

10:45- Gathered the kids and read my edited version of the Candyland story and explained the stations, then assign a different color to each station

10:45-11:30- Enjoy our fun Candyland stations:
1: Rainbow Path: We had a food for each color of the rainbow, had the kids put hats on (worried that blindfolds would bother the kids) over their eyes, and they tasted them and guessed what is was and their color. Red:Strawberries, Orange:Carrots, Yellow:Bananas, Green:Kiwi, Blue:Blueberries, Purple: Grapes
Didn't quite get she was suppose to cover her eyes with the hat. :)

2: Gumdrop pass: I had a small glass filled with gumdrops, talked with the kids about whether they thought there was a lot or a little, had them make guesses and then we counted them all, and then discussed our finds afterwards.
3: Peppermint Forest: The kids raced round peppermints on spoons down a long hallway and back in a relay race, forward and then backward if needed more of a challenge

4: Lord Licorice: We got string licorice and fruit loops and the kids made bracelets
5: Gramma Nut: We took heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter and had the kids race to see who could finish it first (had a sucker for our little one with peanut allergies)

6: Gloppy: Put chocolate pudding in gallon sized ziploc bags and had kids write letters, shapes, their names, etc. in the pudding

After all the stations are cleared, our missing princesses are finally saved and we crowned the princesses to the song, 'Happy Birthday Princess!'

11:30-12: Enjoy the awesome cake my wonderful mom made and slide show I made

As a goody bag I had a dear friend, who is oober talented and starting her own bake shop, make cookies for the kids to take home. There were two wrapped in cute baggies with ribbon around them. They were as delicious and they look!
If you're local and interested in having something made for any occasion, you MUST check out her Facebook page, she's amazing!
Afterwards we went to lunch with a few of our guests and then quickly got home cause the girls were anxious to open gifts. :)
Look at what they girls got! How perfect are these?! They come with little matching blankets inside too!
Trying on some dress up jewelry.
Got a lot of fun new Littlest Petshop and My Little Pony things.
And tickled pink with their Rapunzel dolls!
Later we also had them close their eyes to reveal bikes our close group of friends had gotten them. Which is funny because they totally saw them at their party but they were still thrilled none the less. :)

Happy Birthday to our two big girls, its was a sweet party!

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