Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great America....

We had a whirlwind of a weekend!
Especially our Sunday.
We woke up and got everyone ready.
Took our littlest bean to a friends (thanks Droesslers!) so we could spend a fun packed day with our two big girls.
And then we headed to Great America!
The last two years we have gotten season passes to our local theme park.
The girls just loved going.
I took them at least once a week up until the very end of my pregnancy last summer.
It was a great summer outing for us.
This summer I was on the fence about getting them.
Worried about trekking over there with 3 kiddos, the cost (since Brynn would need one this year), gas, rumored changes to the park, etc.
But after dear friends invited us to an event there, getting us in for free and allowing us to get passes at a discounted price, we thought we had to!!
We thankfully had a nice sunny, although a bit chilly to start, day. Which is a miracle in its self with the April we had.
Here's the gang we went with! Not sure what Miss Bella was up to. :)
To my amazement my, usually unadventurous, middle baby agreed to go on one of the smaller adult roller coasters with me!! And my, usually fearless up for anything, big girl REFUSED. We tried bribing, peer pressure, etc. she was not budging.
Here is Brynn after the ride. She did freak out a bit during but here she is afterwards! So proud!
Bella with her two preschool buddies!
Here's my little sicky (found out Saturday, when she woke looking like someone had punched her in both eyes, that she had such a bad ear infection it had gone to her eyes as well as strep throat!! Never once complained about her ear or throat, just had a bad cold. :( This is the first time ever Brynn has been on antibiotics, over 3 years not bad!! Thankfully we started meds right away so it had been 24 hrs of taking them so we could still enjoy GA.) having her very first taste of cotton candy.
Here's Bells having her first taste.

Here's Brynn with her buddies, next year they'll all be in class together! :)
Thanks for the pics Jackie!
We left the park around 4 to quickly pick up little bean and head straight to our house for a family visit!!
Two of my cousins came in for the evening to hang and have dinner with us.
Its always a delight to have family,
and of course the girls were over the moon with the attention.
This was their first meeting of Brooke!
Of course they welcome Reid right in with some wrestling/pillow fighting! Brynn looks down right scary in this pic. :)

And Brooke got rocked to sleep by her new buddy Kellan!
Thanks for visiting us, come back any time!!
(Ridiculous!! It took me 3 days to get this post done!! Just takes me forever these days to get things done. :( )

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