Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hidden gem and a special treat!

So a last week the hubs and I discovered a hidden gem not too far away from home.
If you follow MckMama's blog you'll know she was recently in Chicago doing photo shoots. After being bloggy friends for a couple years I was excited this might be our chance to meet IRL. :)
So I was thrilled when Jennifer (aka: MckMama) said I could stop by where she was doing photo shoots to say hello!
I offered to bring her lunch since I knew she'd be busy doing photo shoots.
So on our way down to where she was working we were keeping our eyes out for some where to grab food. As we approached our destination we were shocked and sadden by the state of the neighborhoods. Just about every business was boarded up. There was enough garbage on the streets that some workers were actually raking it up.
You could see touches of beautiful history in the architecture and bridges and it was just so sad to see how run down it had become.
We finally came upon a Subway a couple blocks away. The hubs ran in and ordered for me. The whole ordering counter had bullet proof glass and just little holes like a bank to say your order. And then at the end your sandwich was put on a lazy susan and turned to you!! Crazy and so sad!
Anyway we finally got to The Garfield Observatory and it blew away every expectation. First of all it was completely free- parking and admission. And then you walk in and its stunning. Its like a massive garden in the middle of a dessert. It has different types of plants, rainforest plants, dessert plants, a children's garden, etc. It was just beautiful. Wish we would have learned about it sooner, its a perfect winter getaway.
I was so thankful the hubs took a half day to enjoy it with us!
We quickly said a brief hello to Jennifer/Mckmama since she was busy snapping pictures and then went around enjoying the observatory. After Jennifer wrapped up her photo shoots we got to chat and catch up. It was quick but just a treat to finally meet her in real life!
Here are some fun pics from our adventure:

We found this little guy, look at the claws on him!

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