Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Wolf Trip....

Also back in October we had the opportunity we had an opportunity to head up to The Great Wolf Lodge again in the Wisconsin Dells.  What made it even more exciting was our buddies being able to come along with us!!

Here is the video where we told the girls they were coming:
Just go ahead and drive, ha!

And we're here!
Trying out the bed. :)
At night they have a family story time in the lobby.

The rest of the pics are kinda all over the place and out of order so hang in there with me.
Having lunch in the room.
Thankfully Auntie Somer stepped in and got pics for us because my camera battery totally died!
One of my bathing beauties.

These two brave souls took on the biggest slide there like champs.  It was fun that they've reached an age where they can just go at it and we just had to remain close by.
Avi got into the action too!
And these cute sisters happily cheered them on. :)

Riding the waves with my baby!

The boys having some major bed head one morning. :)
So blessed to have this weekend with these guys.  Crazy that by June there will be two more cuties in this group!
All the girlies got fun hair extentions. 

At night the kiddos would play in the arcade, only pic I got there.
The first morning we woke up we found out my grandpa had passed away.  I told the girls the news and didn't get much of a reaction, until a little later when Bella brought me this.  Break my heart.  It was very hard to go and have fun that day but glad we had something to distract us!
In the mornings they have a little scavenger hunt and craft time.

Made wolves, they were howling. :)
A little glimpse at the fun rooms they have.


Out for a special dinner for our last night.

Had a awesome time!
The girls ask to go back ALL the time. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Celebrating Katie!

Way back in October we celebrated a very special little girl in our lives, Katie Grace!  
Happy 3rd Birthday Katie!

 Having fun in the leaves...
 And swings!

 Birthday girl!

 Then we headed out for some kite flying.

 Some of them got quite high!

 A little spin on the playground tire.
 Then we went to feed the ducks.  These ducks were QUITE aggressive!  The hubs was out on the dock with all the kids and I thought for sure someone was falling in!  
 Trying to get away from attacking ducks!

 Bella loved it!

 The hubs was getting a kick out of playing with these guys.
 The crazy ducks started following us when we went to leave. :)
 Then we had a yummy lunch by the campfire.
 Brynn just loves Avi.

Stuck Brooke in her own little spot. :)
 Doing a little cleaning.
 Closed out the party with some yummy hot cocoa!
 Everyone was excited to help Katie with her presents. :)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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