Monday, February 11, 2013

Growing up too fast....

Growing up too fast! :(

Had to document some things, before I forget, about my sweet Bells.  Sadly I feel like this year she has done some MAJOR growing up. Sniff.  Not just experiencing tough situations at school- being left out or bothered by mean kids- but just acting more mature.

So it all started with her hair at the beginning of the year.  My girls have always been girly girls and always willing let me fancy up their hair.  So it all started when I noticed Bella's bow from the day was always ending up in her backpack when she came home from school.  She'd say it fell out or whatever. Finally after a couple months of this I asked why she kept taking out her bows?  And she said Moom, no one wears bows at school, sounding more like a teenager than a 6 year old.  I said ok fine, but thought to myself surely this is not true!  So at the holiday party I checked things out and sure enough not one girl had a bow in her hair, let alone anything in her hair.  One girl had a barrette.  Such a sad moment. :(  Luckily, she'll still let me put a bow in for church and parties usually and Ive got two other babies willing to wear bows.  I just wasn't ready for this!!  Seems to soon!

Also around Christmas Bella cornered the hubs with some questions about Elfie (our elf on the shelf).  Which is bad since the hubs is not really crazy about Santa or other un Christ related Christmas things.  However, he did a good job and just tried to let her draw her own conclusions.  But finally Bella asked straight out if Elfie was real.  We want them to enjoy these traditions but we aren't going to go to elaborate stories and lies to do so.  So we came clean and told her the truth, we also told her to please not tell her sisters and allow them to play along just like she did.  She did a great job at this, always a good big sis.  Thank GOODNESS she did not transfer this to Santa but I'm sure its not far off. :(  I asked her what made her think Elfie was fake and she said that elves have elf shoes and Elfie doesn't even have feet!  Ha!  Have you ever looked, it does look pretty fake. :)  However, after our conversation she turns to me and says, " You're still going to hide him though right mom?"  Ha, that made me feel a little better. :)

The other thing was recently when we attended Disney on Ice.  Last year when we went all the girls wore their fancy princess dresses to the show, so this year we started planning what they would wear.  Sadly, Bella did not want to wear a princess dress. :(  She doesn't really dress up anymore.  She did pick out a pink dress she has princesses on it but still made me a little sad.

My little girl is just growing up.  I'm thankful these are all just little things but it definitely brings up the fact that she is growing up and the outside world is influencing her decisions.  All the more reason to be in prayer for her!  No matter how big she gets, she will always be my baby girl!!

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