Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Hospital stay....

Here are the rest of our pics from the hospital.  A lot of them were taken with my phone and I didn't bother doing any editing so I apologize for the quality.  The rest of our stay was pretty uneventful.  The hubs took wonderful care of me and we had great nurses.  Blakely took to nursing well.  Blakely did well at night going 4 hours between feedings so that was nice.  And after the first night, where we had a nurse that brought B in WAY before she was ready to eat several times, we were able to get pretty good rest.  Naps during the day were nice too. :)
Enjoyed a nice visit from my friend Kari!   
Again she loves her hands up by her face.

And Jackie...
and Adam visited too.

The girls came back each day for a bit for some snuggles.

Daddy thankfully takes on diaper duties while we're in the hospital since its hard for me to get up.

It was so nice to have Uncle Lec here too!
Poppi too!

Dressed and ready to go home!
  Her cute little preemie romper was more of a pant outfit on her. :)

Excited to get my baby home and sleep in my own bed!

Our celebratory meal.
(wasn't very good)

The hubs took this pic for us to remember.  I'm not a big juice drinker however when I'm in the hospital having kids I can not get enough of their apple juice.  I thinks it because I've spent 9 months drinking SO much water because I was pregnant, which I am also not a big fan of, its nice to have something different.  I think I cleaned them out daily on juice. :)

My talented friend (Sweet C's Bakeshop) made these gorgeous cookies for us to give to our nurses and visitors.  These and Blakely's hospital hat were a BIG hit at the nurses' station. :)

The hubs wanted a pic of his awesome bed to remember :) 
(SO not comfortable and right under the air vent so he was always freezing!)

Just a little excited to be going home! :)

All buckled in!
Happy to be home too!
Now feed me! ;)

Things have been going very well with Miss Blakely home.  By two weeks she had put herself into a schedule and eats every 3ish hours during the day, down by 8 for the night and then up at 12 and 4, and then up by 8 for the day.  Right now she's 5 weeks old and she is usually up from 8-9ish and then is off and on sleeping until 6 or 7 and then she has a little more awake time before going down at 8ish.  She really has been a good baby.  Really only fussing if she's hungry or tired.  She has a nice solid afternoon nap of 3 hours.  She's not great about sleeping in her car seat which is a shame because we are out and about a lot but the minute I put her in a wrap she's out like a light for hours.  Guess she's a snuggler.  I won't complain. :)  Night time has been good.  Usually goes right back down after feedings, I've only had a couple of times where she decided to have a little party in the middle of the night.  She is quite gassy at times so she occasionally cries out in her sleep, will pass it and settle back down.  She is also the nosiest sleeper ever with grunting and groaning, so at 2 weeks she was moved to her own room. :)  I am VERY thankful that, although still painful, nursing has gone much easier than the last 3 times.  I didn't have any bleeding or cracking this time, so I'll take it!  I am still looking forward to it being pain free though.  The girls have been great for the most part.  Brooklyn is still having her issues but as far as the baby is concerned that are great.  They want to hold her ALL the time.  They all beg to see her first thing in the morning.  They're always willing to help, to a fault.  Today I left the baby sleeping in her swing to take a shower and I came down and she was on the couch, naked.  Bella said she had pooped so she changed her, HA!  So we had a serious talk about NOT touching the baby with out permission but thank you for helping. :)  
My healing has been a LONG process this time.  I feel like with my other surgeries I was back to feeling like myself after a week, week and a half.  And here I am 5 weeks later and I still have discomfort.  It feels like I've done hundreds of sit ups at times.  So not the end of the world, just uncomfortable. It took about 3 weeks for me to get to a point where I could get out of the house without too much pain.  That was so hard.  I like to be out and about and being home bound for 3 weeks just about killed me.  So I went a little overboard that following week getting out! (more on that later)
We were very thankful to have family help for 3 weeks!  But it has also been nice to get in to the swing of things on our own as a family of 6.  
So far we're doing pretty good!
I did however come down with a pretty nasty cold this week so that has been tremendously hard, especially on little sleep, but getting a little better each day and we just found out yesterday we got in to family camp that we've been on the wait list for since Feb.  So even though its a little crazy, we're packing up our crew in four days, yes with a newborn, and hitting camp!  I'm excited (although nervous too) to get away as a family for a week.  Work has been really stressful for the hubs lately so it will be nice to just relax with him for the week!

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