Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Total Random Phone Dump!

So there were a BUNCH of pics on my phone that I wanted to share since Octoberish but would just take too much time to separate into posts.  So here is a major random phone pic dump!

In Bella's class every week they celebrate one of the students as the Diligent Daisy.  They have a board with info just about them and they get to share.  I was thankful to get to be in the classroom to watch her share.

Stayed for silent reading afterwards.  Growing up so much!

She chose her Wild About First Grade outfit for her presentation. :)
Bella playing teacher while waiting during conference time.
Movie night with my 3 cuties while daddy was away.
When up in MN in September for my grandpa's funeral a family friend took pictures of our family.  This was one of my all my cousins (on my dad's side- just missing my cousin Luke and my cousin Annie's husband) and I just loved how it turned out.
With all the family together we spent a lot of our days going through grandpa and grandma's things.  My dad and his 3 siblings had their certain things that they wanted but the other things went to us grandkids to pick.  I got my grandpa's watch and a necklace of my grandma's.  They're so precious to me!!

The girls ate up every minute of attention from all the family.  Playing Draw Free with cousin Alex.
We stayed at my mom's cousin's house and it was just huge and BEAUTIFUL!  This is the eating areas off their kitchen.  They sweetly offered to make our WHOLE family breakfast one morning.  And with their own chickens we got yummy, FRESH eggs every morning. :)  
The only pic I got from Dad's night at Brynn's school, as you can see she was delighted to have daddy to herself. :)  It was a sports theme, hence the Vikings look.
Brooklyn constantly refers to herself as the baby (big reality check coming her way :) ), here she is being the baby with Lincoln's car seat.

Love this little outfit and the cutie in it. :)

Celebrating two of our besties bdays at Bella's Boucies!

Brynn and I cheering on her big sister at her soccer game!
Bella may be the tiniest on the team but she sure is tough!
Love that Bella likes to read to her sisters.
Bella with three of her good friends on a school field trip- Madelyn, Anna, and Kacy
Daddy built the girls a fort out of our new toilet's box and this brought weeks of entertainment!
On a special field trip with MOPS with just my baby, freezing cold day, but fun!  It was on Halloween so we had the kids dress up.

One of her many unique outfit pics for the day. :)
We voted!
Working on our family turkey projects for school.
My bestie had a reveal party for her baby expected within the next 12 days now, a friend of ours made the cake, its a girl!

Bella signed up as a Mystery Reader for Brynn's class, most precious thing I had ever seen, proud momma moment!!  She insisted on wearing one of my shirts because she said Brynn would recognize her clothes. :)
Excited to have put up our first Christmas tree!
Oh how I cherish the moments they all 3 play nicely together.
Haircut time for my Brynnie!

So fun to visit Bella during her Thanksgiving Feast.

Her teacher was even gracious enough to allow these two to tag along. :)
One thing I love participating in every year with the girls is Operation Christmas Child.  It is so fun to see how excited they are about helping the children.
Writing their cards.

Proud to have their presents ready!
The same day we did Operation Christmas Child we went downtown to the Shedd Aquarium (we received free passes through Bella's school).  We got to go to a show and all the more expensive exhibits.  It was so fun!

The Jelly Fish one was fascinating!

Dolphin show

Happy to have their besties join them!

After the Shedd we rushed over to see the city's Thanksgiving parade we like to see every year.  Usually its freezing every year and this year was actually comfortable (although you can't tell since we are still very bundled up).
Waiting for it to begin!

Had to grab this pic, it was of Colton Dixon who was my favorite from the last American Idol. :)
Look us mommies do exist!

It was a long, PACKED full day but it sure was fun!!
Since it was quite mild we put up our lights the next day, well I should say the hubs did. :)

My 3 sweeties.
Cooking with my babe.
Better not let Bella cook the turkey. :)

We were invited to our church's pastor's house for Thanksgiving this year since our plans to drive to TX changed.

The kids enjoying their Turkey cookies

Playing in baby Lincoln's car seat again.

Happy Turkey Day!
And kisses for Lincoln
Making our Glass Family traditional Scramble!

Day after Thanksgiving we had our dear friends the Levins, Chevriers, and Kissingers over for Thanksgiving dinner number two and our town's Christmas tree lighting.
The 6 year old table!
And the 4 year old table!
Brooke and her boyfriend :)
Freezing our buns off waiting for the lights to come on!
They then have crafts, cookies, hot cocoa and a visit from Santa afterwards.


And that is it for this phone dump! :)

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A. Andrew said...

It brings joy to my heart to see all those adorable kids smiling and having so much fun, great work.

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