Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday Party Time!

On February 17th we had the big girls' birthday party.  I usually like to take the theme they want and go crazy party planning.  But this year knowing I'd be pregnant and not sure where we'd be in our house search process I just decided to make it easy on myself (and my momma who gets stuck helping me) and have the party somewhere where they did all the work instead.  For the girls' 1st and 3rd birthday party we had it at the place Bella was taking gymnastics at the time.  We LOVED the place and her coach SO much.  We hated to leave but couldn't afford to put both girls in class there once Brynn was old enough. :(  So this year when we were deciding where to have the party we immediately thought of the gymnastics place.  When I reserved it I even requested Bella's old coach, assuming she wouldn't remember us (it had been 4 yrs!), but hoping she'd help the party be great.  Well we did get her for the party and to make matters better she remembered the girls!!!!  Only confirmed the many reasons we love her!  It was so neat for her (and the girls) to see the girls (her) again and their new sister that we've had since.  She lived up to everything we remembered about her.  She even remembered some of our friends' kids that she would have met back at that time too and shortly after the party started she had just about every kids name memorized (you can see how many kids that was when the pics post tomorrow).  The party was great and the whole company did a great job allowing us to sit back and just enjoy the party and our girls.
This year the girls picked Hello Kitty as their theme.  They really wanted Fresh Beat Band but I couldn't find any party ware for that.  Mormor Domier got them these adorable Hello Kitty dresses that they wore to their party, even came with cute princess crowns. :)   

As I mentioned in an earlier post, back in January the girls got their ears pierced for their birthday.  We told them they could finally change them on their birthday party day!  So they picked out some Hello Kitty earrings for the big day. :)

Little Bean wanted in on the action too!
How are they 5 and 7 already!?
To avoid another crazy long post, gymnastic party pics will post tomorrow! :)

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