Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

 Thank you to all who serve or have served our wonderful country!!
I have many more pics to share from our holiday weekend and weeks past but once again I have filled up the space on our computer and can't upload any new pics! :(
Hope to clear up some room soon. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today Miss Brynnie Boo had her last day of preschool until the fall!!
                                First Day of Preschool                       Last Day of Preschool 2012
Can't believe how time flies.

Some of Brynnie's dear school friends!

Brynn and Madelyn

Brynn with her awesome teacher Ms. Denise!
(didn't grab pics with Ms. Sarah and Ms. Jill since we'll still see them next year!)
 Brynn and Kacy
 Brynn, Bella, Mara, and Ella
 Brynn, Rosa, and Anna
 Ellie, Anna, Madelyn, and Brynn
 Ready for a summer of fun with you Miley!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bring on the Summer Adventures.....

Beautiful weather has finally arrived!!
The other week our dear friends invited us to join them in a trip to the zoo.
We were so thankful and excited for a fun day.
The weather was just gorgeous! 
Sunny and almost 80.

We loaded all 6 kiddos into our car, full house!

Everyone grabbed a map to help us get around.

We kicked things off with a look at the camels.
It was really neat to see how interested Brooklyn was in seeing the animals, or was it climbing the fences? :)  Actually kidding aside she did really love getting out and seeing the animals.  She'd point away and listen to me talk about them.  It was pretty sweet.

 Giraffes are my favorite!  They loved watching them too!

Thankfully Miss Jackie kept hold of crazy girl in the middle there!

 The polar bear was another fun stop!
Love these pics. :)

 Just when it was getting a little warm we came upon the water spray area, ran through for a quick cool down!

 This girl just loves her baby sis.

My two super B's!

 This leopard came right up to the window for the kids, totally made me think of that video going around of the lion trying to bite at the baby sitting by the window. :)

 Two VERY tuckered out babies! 

 Thanks Kissinger crew for a very fun day!

This was my first big adventure (other than every day outings or park goings) with 3 completely mobile children.  They and I did pretty well! :)  I was completely exhausted when I got home (didn't help that Brooklyn soaked completely through her freshly washed car seat and had to clean that up)!!  Guess I'm going to need to get in better shape to keep up with these 3 crazy kiddos this summer!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I know I said this in the last post, but boy am I thankful to be able to celebrate Mother's Day!!
We had a low key mom's day.
The morning was bombarded with handmade presents that they were SO excited to give me. :)
Went to church and heard a great sermon on how God helps us be great mom's.
With the hurry to get to church in the morning I did not get breakfast in bed.
When I told Bella I didn't have time she burst into tears.
She wanted me to eat breakfast in bed so badly, so precious.
(Hubby was trying SO hard to get them to smile, waving things around and such that my head accidentally got cut off, oops! They look adorable though!)
 After church the hub's and Mr. Joe offered to feed the kids while Miss Leah and I got to go have lunch sans kiddos!  It was delightful.
 After lunch we went home and put Brooklyn down for nap and just laid low for the afternoon.
 The hubs kept the big girls happy so I could just enjoy the afternoon.
 Hubster graciously got me Buffalos for dinner and was just a HUGE help with the kiddos and around the house.
 That night I relaxed some more, got chocolate ice cream, and a massage by my hubby.
 A nice way to spend a day with my family.
(Hubby also offered to take pictures of me with my girlies, which is the best gift ever!  Too bad I'm in the pics, and too bad we didn't get to them until the end of the day when I looked completely exhausted.  Oh well!)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

It all started on July 11, 2005...
I will never be able to express how thankful I am to be able to celebrate Mother's Day!!

                                2006                                                                         2007
Celebrating my wonderful mother and role model!

And being blessed with a great MIL too.

And then to be blessed to celebrate SEVEN Mother's Day for myself, mind blowing.

My cup is over flowing. :)


And my wonderful hubby has offered to take pics of me and my beauties today so I'll have lots more to share tomorrow! :)

Check these out!

Check these out!
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