Friday, May 11, 2012

A lot.

Our family is under a lot right now. :(
Nothing major, especially comparatively.
But a lot for us.

I just wanted to ask for prayer.
For the hubs especially.

He was away for work earlier this week and on his way he was rear ended and the person drove off.  The air bags deployed but he, and his passenger, were okay PTL.

However the car is not. :(
The hubs is a major car guy.  And he LOVED that car.  And I literally paid the last payment on it last month, agh.  We finally got down to just one car payment (mine) and we were actually going to put $ away (the amount of his car payment) each month.  I guess we got to for one month. :(   To make matters worse we got the call this AM that they've decided to total the car.

In a bit of good news they are giving us $ towards a new car but it is no where near enough for the hubs to get a car as nice as he had.

Like I said he's a car guy.  And this is killing him.  I can hear the disappointment is his voice when we talk.  And its killing me to see him so down.  

He has a stressful position at work, he is the father of 3 littles, and husband to a crazy wife.  He works SO hard and sees not a drop of that $ for himself.  But he had a car he loved.  A nice car, one that was fast like he always wanted.

I just wish I could do something.

So that being said just pray.  
He's feeling discouraged. Tired. Stressed. Sad.
And being his wife I feel those things too.
Thanks for your prayers.
And pray that we can make a wise financial decision on how to go forward and survive being a 1 car family for a bit! :)

On another note, I was solo with the kids while he was away.  Brooklyn is a hand full these days.  And the night of the accident I pulled a tick out of Brynn's head, so now we have to watch her for 30 days for rashes, fever, etc.
We also are having an ant issue and that night Brynn was up for an hour and a half in hysterics about seeing bugs in her room (there were none).  Absolutely nothing would calm her, nothing. :(
So just a lot going on.
Prayers appreciated! :)

V has an old Camero that he was getting ready to so he could drive to work today, didn't end up running good though, every time he stopped it died- but the girls had fun playing in it last night! :)

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Kelly said...

Praying for your precious family during this time! I'm so sorry! I know how hard it is when your hubby is hurt and sad. {{hugs}}

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