Friday, July 29, 2011


Bella has been BEGGING us to go camping.
The hubs has been promising to go camping with them in the backyard for awhile now.
Just needed sleeping bags.
So the other day, while at Walmart, I happen to walk pass the sleeping bag section.
The girls of course wanted the Disney Princess ones but I convinced them of just the girly decorated ones, incase their love of princesses fade.

SO the next night the hubs took the big girls to get a couple camping essentials- a lantern and ingredients for smores. :)
Then they set the tent up and enjoyed a camping experience in our backyard.

Daddy made fire.
They made smores, sang songs while daddy played the guitar, and closed out the evening with bedtime stories.

Mommy and baby left to sleep in their real beds. :)
The hubs said they did great, feel asleep around 9:30 and woke shortly after 7!
Bella of course is asking already when they can do it again! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bella Update....

So today we went back to Dr. Dave for a check up on Bella's mouth following her accident Tuesday evening.

After talking to Dr. Dave and our friend that is a dentist it seems like the best solution is to have her tooth pulled.
I've been very emotional about it and I have no idea why.
Of course I hate to see Bella hurt or afraid but it seems like more than that.
I worry about her starting school, taking her class pictures, etc. with a giant gap in the center of her mouth.
Its completely vain my worries I know.
I think it comes from knowing how mean kids can be, and how scary making new friends can be, and not wanting her hurt in any way.
I just need to remember her peers will have holes in their mouth too, we're just starting a little early. :)
As if I wasn't enough if a worrier, now I'm worrying for her too. :)

She's doing great though.
We've been able to keep her teeth really clean so the dentist was happy with that.
So next Wednesday (they want to wait until all of her swelling has gone down) we have scheduled an appointment to get it pulled. :(
We'll have to keep an eye on the other 3 front teeth as well. Since one of the center ones is slightly loose, and the other two also were hit, there is a possibility of infection or losing them early also. Agh. Let's just pray that doesn't happen.
We weren't sure if they would pull the really lose one today, and although she teared when we warned her, she was oh so brave and ready to do what she needed. :)
But she's looking better and better each day!
And she's going to be super safe now since crazy daddy ordered this for future bike riding:
Making her mean face. ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bella's Dramatic Evening......

-Typed last night-
So this week the two big girls are in VBS from 9-12 every morning.
I was really looking forward to a calm, easy week.
Well this afternoon shattered that dream.

With all my extra time I got dinner, lasagna, done nice and early this afternoon. So I thought while it cooked I would take the kiddos to the park to play.
I got the babies in the bike trailer and Bells was ready on her two-wheeler. While I turned to close the garage, all of a sudden I heard Bella start to cry. I looked and she had fallen off her bike (I definitely think the Lord shielded me from actually seeing it happen). I ran to her, more to just make sure she got back up on the bike since it had taken a bit of persuading to get her to ride in the first place. But when I got there I saw it was much more serious than I thought. There was blood gushing from her mouth. :( I quickly rushed her in to the bathroom, leaving the poor babies in the trailer (at least they were buckled in!). After further inspection it looked like there was actually teeth damage but I couldn't tell for sure because there was literally a blanket of blood all over everything in her mouth, so I quickly called the hubs in a panic (and by the way, went and grabbed the babies), he suggested I meet him at the ER. Since I didn't see any other damage other than teeth I just decided to call the dentist, who funny enough we met for the first time last week. I called them about 4:45 and they were closing at 5 but said they'd stick around for us. So I turned the oven off on my lasagna, threw all 3 kiddos in the car, and rushed over there.
This is Bella before we walked in, only about 15 minutes after the fall.
They were all so gracious and loving to us. The dentist came right out the waiting room to take a look at her. One of the nurses sweetly wiped Bella down with a wet rag since I literally had not had time and her face, shirt, skirt, and even her legs had blood on them. After taking a look he decided he wanted us to see a Pediatric dentist. They quickly called to make sure someone would still be there and told them we were coming.
Thankfully it was literally across the street. We were the only ones there and everyone there was ready for us. I of course had to fill out paperwork but thankfully the hubs had arrived by now. The hubs and Bella went back while I stayed with the littles and filled out papers.
In the stillness I could feel the beginning of emotions starting to bubble up, I just wanted to be with Bella, and literally before the tears fell little Miss Brynn started singing from the corner she was playing in, "Jesus is my best friend, my best friend. He is always here....." Not sure where she learned or heard it but it instantly brought me comfort and calmed my fears.

I literally felt like God was saying, "Don't worry. I am here."

So anyway, I finished the papers and quickly gathered the littles (who were, by God's grace being amazing even though it was dinner time) to go back to Bella. They had just finished up on x-rays. And Bella was doing AMAZING. So brave. I noticed daddy wasn't looking to hot though. He was pale and very sweaty. Due to horrible teeth drama as a kid, he was feeling like he was about to pass out! Its hard to see your baby so banged up too.
Anyway, what it all comes down to is her 4 front top teeth were the ones hit. One of the center ones and the one next to it were perfect, as well as her adult teeth. The other center is just a tad loose. However the one next to that will probably have to be pulled. :(
We're going to give it a couple of days to see if it comes out naturally, otherwise we'll go back in to get it taken care of.
We just told her she gets to get a visit from the Tooth Fairy a little sooner than most! :)
She was doing great tonight. She wasn't up to eating so daddy made her a smoothly. The biggest prayer is that we are able to keep it very clean to prevent infection. We'll go back Thursday to give it a look again.
She has scrapes from her forehead to her chin, a giant fat lip, and her lip is all black and blue on the inside but she's smiling again!
We were home by 5:45, finished cooking my lasagna and amazingly continued our evening as planned. God could not have made a hard incident go more smoothly. Everyone was so gracious, sweet and took such good care of our baby!

-Continued today-
The hubs said our bathroom looked like a crime scene. Not sure how we got blood on the wall and mirror!
Wow, first time for Bella wearing this shirt, hope its not ruined, but just glad she's ok!
When I first got a peak in her mouth all I saw was the one really far down so I thought she had chipped the other 3!! So thankful that she might just lose the one that's hanging.
Her lip is SO swollen and bruised on the inside. You can see how out of sorts her teeth got. :(
But on the mend already! At lunch today she finally got some food in her belly. We go back tomorrow to see Dr. Dave and see about that wiggly tooth! :)

A New Favorite....

So the girls have a new favorite game they like to play these days.
Hair style, as they call it.
They have this little green backpack filled with combs, brushes, barrettes, play hair dryer, etc.
(Excuse my dying flower pot! I have no idea whats wrong with it, I've tried more shade, more sun,etc.)
The hubs and I enjoy this game a lot.
We just sit.
And enjoy a good hair brushing.
Gotta love getting your hair brushed!
They have also been known to get quite liberal with the water spray bottle.
The other week they were having a particularly good week playing together (goes in waves around here :) ) and I caught them playing hairstyle together and snapped some pics.
Just precious!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Now to, finally, share.....

.....our 4th of July festivities.
Nothing like being almost a month behind!
This is going to be a long one. ;)

We kicked the long weekend off with swimming with the Usual Suspects
Little Cookie has finally taken to cooler water and now I can't get her in fast enough. She is also convinced she knows how to swim and spends the whole time trying to leap out of things. :)

We went home for naps and actually went back again that evening. My kids could live at the pool!
All dressed up in our 4th of July outfits! Must thank Mormor Domier for ALL of our WONDERFUL holiday wear!!
Our dear buddies!
Tried to get one with everyone but they were spent from swimming!
Oh man, these 3 just slay me!
Little one just loves her big sisters.
Saturday we went to our old neighbor's new house and grilled out and had a nice time.
After that we left and went to catch the fireworks as a family.
Thought for sure Brooke would fall asleep but she enjoyed the whole show!
Sunday our friends, the Levin's, had us over for the night.
We of course spent the majority of our time in the pool. :)
The big girls had a grand time being thrown by their daddies.
After a delicious dinner we had smores and did sparklers.

Even this little one enjoyed some graham cracker.

After staying up late chatting and playing cards we woke, ate breakfast and of course hit the pool again!
So when Monday, actually 4th of July, rolled around we were so beat from our busy weekend and the kids being up till 10 almost all 3 nights, we quick did sparklers with them but had them all in bed by 7:30 and enjoyed a nice quiet night to ourselves. :)
Happy Birthday America!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weather Please Stay...

Can we have this weather all year round?

Although this week is suppose to be 100+ degree temperatures,
so lets go back to the lows 80s!

Check these out!

Check these out!
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