Friday, July 8, 2011

Brooklyn is 10 (and a half) months!

So once again so far behind, not sure where to start.
Today I finally got around to taking Brooke's 10 month pictures.
She turned 10 months on June 23.
I know.
Here's what she's up to:
(and some of these things she's been doing for awhile but I'm not sure if I ever documented it)
She sleeps 8-8 and naps 10-12 and 3-5.
She is still nursing first thing in the morning but I give her a bottle before her afternoon nap and right before bed, typically 2 to 4 ounces.
Other than that she eats completely table food. So far I haven't given her anything she won't eat. Her most recent fav. is pinto beans. :)
She is crawling in her own special way. She still refuses to use her knees, so she just drags her legs, using her toes to move quite fast.
She can get back to a sitting position.
And she recently pulled herself up (on the dishwasher) for the first time. She will also walk around holding her play table. But she is still VERY wobbly.
She still very sweet and easy going.
Her sisters can get her to laugh the hardest.
She loves keeping her eyes on them at all times.
She does NOT hold still these days.
Changing her diaper is a wrestling match.
She HATES being taken out of the bath and anything away from her.
Thankfully she's quickly soothed or distracted.
She use to hate cold water but has recently gotten better with, and actually enjoys swimming. She just takes a bit to warm up to it.
Tomorrow we will be taking her on her first boat outing!
She's says, mama, dada, yeah, yum, hi, and LOTS of other jabbering.
She actually quite loud at times.
On the other hand she is super shy.
If anyone, even us, says hi or talks to her she tips and buries her head, especially if she has just woken up.
Its absolutely adorable.
Her favorite thing to do is put things in and out of things, we have a bucket of shapes that is her favorite.
She also is obsessed with trying to crawl in to the bathroom. :(
She also enjoys a good swing on the swing set or throw into the air.
Brooke is also excellent at holding her own bottle and working her sippy cups.
She still has the biggest smile, that her tongue sometimes likes to appear in.
Now since this little stinker doesn't like to sit still, pics are harder to come by. Tried to get some with her 10 month sticker and it ended with a ceramic bowl crashing to the ground and its contents going everywhere!

These are in reverse order that I took them but I eventually had to belt her into her rocker to get her to hold still. :)

Here she is pulling up on things (this is also moments before the green, ceramic bowl went crashing down....)
There's her sticker. :)
Could you not just eat her up!!??

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