Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well I apologize.
I was wrong.
The Chicago weather forecasters were correct.
We got everything they predicted.
Down to the inch.
It all began Tuesday night.
Our friends and us were even crazy enough to brave the start of the storm Tuesday night to take our girls to gymnastics (which silly enough wasn't cancelled)! We briefly got stuck when we returned (in our driveway of all places) but our friends got stuck trying to get home, thankfully someone helped them out. Yikes.
All said and done we got 20 inches of snow! 3rd worse blizzard ever for Chicago- 2nd one had more snow but the winds were worse in this storm.
Schools in the area got 2 to 3 snow days out of it.
Lake Shore Drive (a major street down town) was completed blocked with cars, where people were trapped overnight!
Apparently there were several accidents, so traffic got backed up, and before you knew it hundreds of cars were buried (approx.900).
(here's a pic I got online)
We spent the weekend digging out and putting this house back together.
And I discovered why I like to get out every day! :)
Here are our crazy blizzard pics.

Here is what our back door looked like when we woke up Wednesday morning.

This was early Wed. morning when we first got up. Thankfully Vinny's work closed! All the roads in our county were actually closed except to emergency vehicles- never witnessed that before.
We live on a cul-de-sac but you can't even tell where the yards end and streets start. They didn't get to our roads until 1 in the afternoon.

The kids playhouse half buried.
A drift that goes to the top of our 5 foot fence.
Had to make a path for poor Beckham to use the potty!
Out our front door. Snow actually came inside our door.
Drifts half way up fences and looks like the Nurmis will have to dig our their back door. :)
Drift half way up our neighbor's house.
Can you spot our fire hydrant?
Finished shoveling the driveway. So where's the road?

Somebody helping out her daddy!
And loving every minute!

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Jules said...

We got a storm in December of 20 inches that broke records for us here in Wisconsin. That one you just got missed us. Thank goodness. I don't think we have anywhere to put any more snow!

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