Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gift Giving.

My love language is gifts (as well as acts of kindness, but gifts most of all). I don't only enjoy getting gifts, I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving them. This has been a bit of a frustrating love language for me because I never have much money. :( And I'm not creative enough to think of inexpensive things. Anyway, I have always loved splurging on the hubs. Especially at Christmas time. I pride myself on being able to get him something he ends up loving but didn't put on his wish list. In early Christmases together , with the thanks of double income and no kids, I went kinda crazy on him buying everything I could think of that he wanted. Several years, we tried putting a cap on the spending price and neither one of would listen to it. :) (not sure if gifts is one of his love languages or if he just knows its mine. :) ) So more recently we've stuck to one little thing or, more frequently, nothing at all. I know, sad. Anyway, this year we never really talked about it, but after some huge, dumb expenses - new garage door, 4 new tires for my car before our big trip-not to mention still paying for a birth of a child I think it was assumed we wouldn't do much. However, as the big day loomed closer and I was out buying gifts for family, I was feeling really sad about it. He works so darn hard for our family and literally doesn't see a cent of it. His pay check is directly deposited and I do the bills. Now the hubs never puts what he really wants on his Christmas list because no one can afford it- you know like an ipad. :) Anyway, he's wanted PS3 ever since it came out but we just never have the extra $ for that. So right before Christmas as I walked through Best Buy to get a gift for our nephew I saw that PS3's came with a $100 gift card!! Did we have $ for me to get it? Nope. But I just couldn't resist.

Apparently, the hubs was feeling the same way. For probably the last 4 years or so I've been wanting a pair of Uggs. I always end up talking myself out of them though cause they are crazy expensive and I'm a no more than $20 at Payless type of gal. Anyway, there was a certain pair I've been eyeing for awhile but of course didn't dare ask for. Well, my sweet, sweet wonderful hubby searched high and low (literally. Apparently couldn't find my color anywhere) and got me the boots I wanted!!! Did we have the $, nope. Especially since I spent $, on the PS3, we didn't have.

But sometimes you just have to splurge, especially for those you love. We'll just spend the next year trying to pay for them. (praying for a big tax return! : ) ) I'm so thrilled with my awesome boots (although terrified to wear them :) ) and even more excited to see the joy that the PS3 is bringing him!

I love you sweet hubs, to the 'debts' of my heart!!! Ha, I kill me. :)

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