Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wacky Wednesday......

This is what happens when Bella is in charge of her look for the day. : )

Actually her preschool read the story Wacky Wednesday and then had their very own wacky Wednesday- on a Tuesday : ) - wearing crazy outfits, having funky hairdos, and doing silly things through out the day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Bean Happenings....

So Friday night the hubs and I were watching Couples Retreat (super cute!) and right near the end I felt a definite Little Bean movement! And then of course I immediately had to use the washroom. : )

I had been wondering, and kind of worried, when I would finally feel something. Now I'll probably be regretful I begged for it. : ) With Bella I didn't feel her move until after we knew she was a girl, so 21-22 weeks. But she was a tiny baby and I would feel her move but not too often and it was rarely very hard or painful/annoying. With Brynn I felt her at 16 weeks and never looked back. She was SO active the next 23 weeks and painfully kicked me constantly. I thought for sure I was going to have this hyperactive kid come out!

Well I'm just about 18.5 weeks already! I think my stomach doubled in size over this last weekend. Although I tend to look way more pregnant right after I eat. I'm not quite in maternity wear yet but I'm thinking of starting just to be more comfortable. I just tend to put it off as long as I can since you get so sick of them by the time the end rolls around. I'm looking forward to using a Bella-Band this time. Have you heard of these!? They did not have these wonderful inventions with my first two pregnancies (which wasn't that long ago)! They're a band that you can wear over regular jeans to keep them up if you want to leave them unbuttoned or over maternity pants to keep them from falling down (the most annoying thing about maternity clothes). I'm just kind of at that chubby stage right now. If you didn't know me and saw me you'd just think I needed to work out. I don't have the cute, round pregnant tummy yet. Close though!

So in less than 3 weeks (17 days- my Dr. office makes you wait until 21 weeks) we get to find out what this Little Bean is!! I thought it would be fun to take a poll and see what you guys think we might be having. I'm staying out of the guessing game. Since I'm always wrong when I guess I don't want to jinx it by purposely guessing wrong. Above anything we are just praying for a happy, healthy baby and preferably one that sleeps through the night and doesn't hurt me when they nurse. Hey I can dream. : )

So go to the top right of this page and make your vote!!! And the morning of April 16th we'll let you know if you're right or wrong!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yvonne Kulhman Glass

Just one last glimpse into my grandma's life.
Here are just some (so many great ones to choose from) of my favorites:
(I'm too lazy to put them in order so I apologize for the randomness)

Doting housewife
Gramps and Gramcracker on their wedding day almost 65 years ago.
Wonderful, inspiring mother
special moment between grandma and my dad
shy, quiet, sensitive
we could rarely catch one of her big, bright natural smiles for the camera but some of these pictures catch it

look at the gorgeous outfit!
she's on the left
took care of her mom (who ended up dying at a very young age) and 3 siblings
grandma (on the right) with her sister

her kids (4), grandkids (11), and great grandkids (3) were her world

and her hubby was too : )

meeting Bella for the first time

always a good sport when we would make her do crazy things or embarrass her
grandma rocking to guitar hero
Grandma and me : )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So that's where she gets it.....

The hub's.....
.... and I both have round shaped eyes (although as the years have gone by mine are less and less).
We both had white blonde hair growing up. Bella looks so much like our baby pictures, especially Vince's. So when little Brynnie was born and as she got older I've always kind of wondered where she got her looks from. Her hair is blondish but wasn't white like ours and Bella's. And her eyes are much more almond shape and squintier (for lack of better word). So like I've mentioned before, while up in MN I went through hundreds of photos for my grandma's slide show. Well while I sifted through them all it became very clear where Brynnie gets her her good looks! : )

These are of my grandma close to Brynn's age:

My daddio:
And my bro, Alec (funny my other brother and I always had lighter hair than Alec so must be where Brynnie gets her darker hair too):

So do you see what I see?!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remembering Grandma....

Phew, yesterday's post was a long one. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and allow me to share such a precious memory. Now the more interesting stuff. I'd like to show you just some of the special pictures from that trip. I will cherish these memories forever. I had 45 narrowed down that I loved but knew that was a bit too much so I painfully narrowed even more, enjoy!
My brother and I comforting gramps.

Keeping Papa Bear (what Bella calls my grandpa) company.

My dad and his brothers and sister.
My bro and cousin Kellan.
The whole family (just missing Annie's hubby!).
Grandkids and spouses (and someone else snuck her way in....).
Papa Bear and his great grandkids.
Brynnie asked Poppi to brush her hair.

That's A LOT of candles!

We love you Papa Bear,think of you often, and hope to see you soon!

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