Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So that's where she gets it.....

The hub's.....
.... and I both have round shaped eyes (although as the years have gone by mine are less and less).
We both had white blonde hair growing up. Bella looks so much like our baby pictures, especially Vince's. So when little Brynnie was born and as she got older I've always kind of wondered where she got her looks from. Her hair is blondish but wasn't white like ours and Bella's. And her eyes are much more almond shape and squintier (for lack of better word). So like I've mentioned before, while up in MN I went through hundreds of photos for my grandma's slide show. Well while I sifted through them all it became very clear where Brynnie gets her her good looks! : )

These are of my grandma close to Brynn's age:

My daddio:
And my bro, Alec (funny my other brother and I always had lighter hair than Alec so must be where Brynnie gets her darker hair too):

So do you see what I see?!

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I am Lee-Ann... said...

Oh for sure! It is amazing how family resemblances seem to come into play differently. It should be interesting to see what baby #3 looks like! I was happy that after 2 blondies I finally had a brunette like me, although her hair is much much lighter than my dark dark brown. :)

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