Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On to Birthday Number 2.....

Next birthday we celebrated was Brynn's on February 15th.
Can't believe my baby is actually 2!!
So what are you up to Brynn?
You are a talking machine, full sentences since 19 months. And you rarely stop during the day. The other night we let you girls have a sleep over. An hour and half later when we went to check on you guys, you were still jabbering away in your crib and Bella was out cold! : )
You can be quite the ham. If you catch on that you're being watched, and you're in the mood, you like to put on quite the show.
You tend to not be very friendly when first meeting someone, but then you warm up and are a sweet friend. You tend to do better if you are the one who initiates things. : )
You and your sister are best friends, but you like to fight too. And you can be quite the pistol. You have a bad habit of being quite the screamer and hitter towards your sister, we are trying to work on this.
You love to make up songs and dance.
You can sing the ABC's and many other songs. You're still working on counting. It use to be 1,2,9, 10 but today you counted to 4 perfectly.
You know all of your colors. And your animal sounds.
You are bit of a drama queen, you're either the happiest girl ever or the maddest girl ever. Thankfully, you're usually the happiest!
You are just as obsessed with princesses as your sister is. You can usually be found each day in either your Princess Aurora dress or a Tinkerbell dress.
You are a lot like me.
You are more on the timid side of things than your sister. I secretly love it since it keeps you close to me! : )
You are a picky eater.
You're loving and snugly.
You take a long time to fall asleep but you're a breeze to put down.
You still allow me to transfer you to your bed if you fall asleep in the car, your sister never let me do that.
You still nap every day 1 to 4 and at night you sleep usually from 8-8!

Since we combine the girls' birthday parties I wanted to make sure their actual birthdays are super special.
So here's how we spent Brynn's special day:
My mom and I brought her blueberry pancakes with two candles in them the morning of her birthday. Funny thing, she was terrified of them. Guess I should be glad fire scares her huh?

Once her sister showed her the ropes, she felt much better about things, as long as she had a hand to hold. : ) Oh I just love her!

Took some pictures to capture my baby at two years old! : )

Later we took the girls to ride the choo choo train at our local mall.
And of course some McDonald's for lunch!
Some birthday wishes via Skype from Mormor and Poppi Domier.
And of course some pink birthday cake for dessert (which if I'm being honest was the same half eaten cake we used for the hub's birthday cake, just shaped into a circle and covered in pink frosting. : ) Hey gotta do what we can to look out for our wallets and our waists during all this birthday celebrating!) This time she was prepared for the candles. : )
Went to town with just a finger.

Then just a few family gifts.
Someone was very thrilled by all her Cinderella goodies! I think she wore the dress for the next three days straight. Her sister has since claimed it but Brynn is sweetly content with other options. : )
What a wonderful day of celebrating a wonderfully special two year old!

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Kelly said...

What a special birthday celebration!! I love her adorable pigtails! :)

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