Friday, September 14, 2012

Party # 1 !

Alrighty time for some birthday posts!!

August 23rd is our sweet baby's birthday.  My extended family and we attended family camp at the beginning of August and my parents stuck around for a week after camp so we decided to throw Brooklyn's friend party while they were still with us.

At her last year party it was pretty much filled with friends that were the big girls' ages, so this year I really wanted to have a small party with just some of our friends that are around Brooklyn's age.  So the first party I want to share about is her friend party.
So after narrowing the pictures down I still had 93 pictures!!
So I had to narrow down even more and just share the fun details of the party.
All the fun pics of friends and other things will have to go on our private site. :)

So Brooklyn's Party theme was: Bubbles/Bubble Guppies
She just loves the show Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. and bubbles so there could not have been a better suited theme for her.
Brooklyn got her adorable Bubble Guppie outfit from Pigtails and Gumdrops on FB.
 Party favors- bubble wands, bubble juice, and "bubbles" with yummy circular snacks for the party guests.

 My awesomely talented friend Christina from Sweet C's Bakeshop (also on FB) made Brooklyn's fabulous birthday cookies-also threw a couple in for big sisters. :)
 Pics from every month over the last year.
 My talented Momma strikes again with a yummy, blue Bubble Guppie cake! 
 Since the party goers were little like Brooklyn I just had a few age appropriate activities out and the kids could come and play whenever they chose.
First activity was decorate your own "bubble!"  Just some Nilla Wafers, frosting, and fun sprinkles.
 Hard to tell in this pic but we had our bubble blower going filling the backyard with bubbles!
 Even the food had bubble-like features!  Cake POPS, fruit BALLS, cheese BALLS, POPcorn...
 And ocean blue jello..
With a little surprise included. :) 
(goldfish in the jello)
 Poppi was in charge of wowing the little crowd with a little big bubble magic!
I also had our pool out filled with bubble bath, it was a BIG hit. :)
And closed festivities out with presents!
After the littles enjoyed the party for awhile we invited their families and older siblings back for lunch.

Great, fun party!!  It was SO fun to finally have a party to plan in the summer time versus the dead of winter like the big girls.
Still can't believe my baby is 2!

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