Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Appointment Ever!! :)

I just had the most remarkable trip to the doctors office.
I'm always a little apprehensive when going to the doctors because you never know how the kiddos will react.  Thankfully none of the girls have been bad when its time to go.  Obviously they cry after shots but they have all been very easily comforted.

However, with Miss Brooklyn you just never know. :)
In case you don't know Brooklyn, let me tell you a little about her.  She is dramatic.  She has very high highs and very low lows.  I wouldn't say always, but often she doesn't tend to have inbetweens. :)  Thankfully she's usually happy!  She also likes to do things on her own terms.  She says so many words but if you ask her to say them, nope, not happening.  She's just independent and stubborn! :)

So today we get to the doctor's office and she's in great spirits.  Her and Brynn are running around the playing nicely, goofing around.  The nurse comes in and asks for her to step on the scale in the hallway (first time not on the baby scale :( ) and she hops right up.  Then she asks her to stand against the wall to be measured, and she walks right in to place.  What newly 2 year old does this?  Especially Miss Brooklyn who really prefers to do things when she wants to, not when she is asked.  The girls go back to playing while waiting for Dr. T.  When he walks in she is again hamming things up.  Telling him about the boats and fishies she sees in the book she was looking at.  After we're finished answering questions it is examination time so I put Brooklyn up on the table.  I had put her there sitting up but she went ahead and laid herself down.  This was the funny part.  She just laid there comatose.  Literally the entire time.  Again if you don't know Brooklyn, this is SO strange!  One that she would lay SO still, and another not being squeamish while a "stranger" was working on her.  And she didn't look scared or nervous, literally just comatose.  It was so funny, especially compared to how silly and rambunctious she was being not even 5 minutes earlier.  The only thing she wouldn't do was open her mouth.  She would just coyly smile and look at us out of the corner of her eyes.  Maybe you just had to be there but we were all laughing!

As Dr. T was wrapping things up, Brooklyn interrupted him and said, "Thank you," as if to say okay you can go now. :)

Lastly, came shot time.  The hubs was holding her since I can NOT handle that and I usually leave the room but Brynn really wanted to watch.  So the nurse puts it in and I just held by breath waiting for the wail.  NEVER CAME.  Not one peep came out of her mouth.  Lots of blood came out for some reason and the nurse was wiping it up and she just sat there.  It was crazy!  Once we got to the car she cupped her arm and said, "Ow."  Sweet girl.

I hope and wish all doctor appointments went and will go like this!

Her stats:
25 pounds - 25th%
32 inches - 10th%
and 100% healthy!!

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