Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Major Rewinding to do.....

Ahh, it feels so good to check in on the blog world again. I try almost every day and end up closing the computer and having to take a nap. I'm so excited and anxious to post pictures for you from the last ALMOST MONTH of our life. So allow me to rewind a bit.

Friday before Brooklyn's arrival my mom arrived to help out! I was SO thankful to have her with me. Saturday, us girls had a special girly day out. It of course started with a lunch date at McDonalds. After lunch we headed to my favorite local nail salon, where I've been going for years, and although I haven't been there since I took Bella the day before Brynn was born, they still remembered me and treated us like no time had gone by! I wanted to make sure the girls and I had a special day out before our life changed quite a bit!
Bella was super excited to be "fancy" as she put it. : ) Bella picked out her own outfit, which included her bright pink tutu!
A little nervous at what was happening at first...
But quickly warmed up to it!
Especially enjoyed the hot towel treatment.
The girls were SO patient while my mom and I got pedicures. They just sat on our laps and played with their McDonald's toys and asked a million questions. : )

Admiring her pretty toes!
Brynn was a little nervous at first...
Can you tell in her unsure look here?
But also quickly warmed up to it all!

I think they may have liked it a little too much! : )
Goofing around while their nails dried.

The sweet ladies at the salon went and added little flowers on the girls toes on their own at no charge. : ) And here are the final products! Please excuse my massive, sausage toes- which are thankfully back to normal!


Kelly said...

Oh what sweet pictures! I love the girls expressions and the one of you and Brynn is adorable! :)

HeatherOz said...

What a special girls day!
Love the new photo in your header!!

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