Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh two year olds!

Have I mentioned how fun it is to photograph a two year old!?

Oh my goodness.  

Brooklyn does not like to be posed and if I do pose her and by some miracle she stays there, in no way will she look at me, let alone smile.  

I love to attempt fall pics.  I just love this time of year and the changing leaves.  The last couple of years I've been able to get some gorgeous pics of the girls, especially the big girls.  I usually attempt several times and try not to make any attempt too long because it just doesn't work.  With the big girls in school now so much we really only have the weekends and we were up in MN for my grandpa's funeral for two of the best weekend, color and temperaturewise.  So not too many attempts this year.  I did try to get a few up in MN.

I had to just show these.  I attempted to go out briefly with just Brynn and Brooklyn while Bella was in school.  Here are the fabulous outcomes:

 And if she did happen to look at the camera it was up close and personal. :)
 This one however was always ready to strike a pose. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't tell....

I know this is totally illegal, but hey I'm advertising for the company right? ;)

We went to a family picnic AWHILE ago now and they had a photographer taking free pics.  They forgot to mention, however, if you'd like to order said pictures you'd have to pay an arm and a leg.  So needless to say we didn't by any but I did manage to screen capture my favs. :)

Just had to share 1.
Be still my heart.
These girls are just TOO PRECIOUS!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple Orchard Trip 2012

Every year we go to Royal Oaks Apple Orchard (rewind here).  It has been a tradition with our wonderful friends the Chevriers since before we even had children!  We never know when the best time to go since our lovely Chicago weather is so unpredictable in Sept/Oct.  Last year when we went it was 90 degrees!  This year we were thankful for a sunny day but it was a bit chilly.  Unfortunately the day we chose to go both big girls had school.  I considered taking them out but the hubs wasn't to thrilled with that idea and an outing with just my baby girl sounded fun.

Looking back now on the pics I am a bit sad they weren't part of it.  And that we didn't have a family outing to pick our pumpkins but the big girls each took a field trip to a pumpkin patch so they had their fun too!  Next year we'll try to get to one as a family. :)

Here are some of my favs of my outing with my little bean!

Sitting so sweetly listening to the lesson/movie about the orchard
Avi took on the big sister role for Miss Brooklyn, she was so sweet!
We had a big group with us this year since we invited mom's from our MOPS group

Love this sweet face and bright blue eyes!
They gave us a small bag of apples this year since the crop was very bad but let us pick our own pumpkin!

 She knew just the one she wanted!
 This girl RARELY gives me eye contact for pictures, stinker!

 No matter what you do mom, I'm not looking at you!

And of course ended our time with a yummy donut!
Checking out the animals with one of her besties Molly!
Tried to get a couple pics but again no eye contact, trouble I tell ya! :)

Had a fun, fun time with my little bean!

Friday, November 2, 2012

House Hunting.....

Its been a few months now, but early this summer we decided to start looking for a new place.  We love our house and the area we live but down the road its just not going to be practical.  We are already busting at the seams of this house.  We'd love an actual guest room for when our families come in.  We also have 3 GIRLS and only one bathroom upstairs that we all share.  I know that will be a mess during their teenage years.  We would also really like to be in an area where our girls will attend the Central High School in our area not the North High School where they would currently be headed to.  So I know the bathroom and high school issue are down the road but we just feel with the mortgage rates and the prices of homes right now, it is just the best time to start looking.  We are in no rush so it has been a really relaxing time so far.  There have been a couple we've wanted to jump on but we haven't gotten our butts in gear fast enough.  So right now the hubs is getting us pre-qualified and then we'll be able to make an offer if we want to.  

Some good friends of ours live in this neighborhood that we just LOVE.  The houses in this neighborhood a couple years ago were way beyond our reach at high $300s-low 400s.  But right now you can snatch some up for low $200s.  In fact one that we almost went for was asking $199.  Its crazy.  Two houses we really liked are pending now. Since we're not in a hurry its nice that they might come back on the market since things go and come back often.  However, this last Monday we went out and found a house we actually BOTH LOVE.  They're asking too much right now but found out they're motivated to sell. So once we get our finances in line I think we'll make an offer on it.  This neighborhood is just SO family friendly, everyone cares for their homes, and it seems like a close community.  A gorgeous bike path runs right behind the house which I just love.  Also the laundry room is upstairs!!!  And bonus, its only about 9-10 houses down from our friends!

So I'll keep you posted on progress but prayers would be so welcomed!  Just pray we are approved finanically, pray this house stays on the market until we are, and pray we can get them to a price we feel comfortable affording!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 3 B's!!

Well I managed to squeeze just a few pics on to my computer.  I was feeling so left out seeing all the precious kids in their costumes on here and FB.  I just have to show off my 3 B's!! :)

Kelly from Kelly's Korner posted a pic of her girls' costumes awhile back and they were bees.  When I saw those I thought how cute would it be for my B's to be BEEs!!??  I wrote her and she told me they were from TJMaxx.  TJMaxx can be such hit or miss and the chance to finding 3 in the 3 sizes I needed, including a 6x, was probably a long shot.  But by some miracle I was able to!!

We went out twice this year.  Our neighborhood always does the Sunday before Halloween and then some friends had us over to their neighborhood on actual Halloween.  The big girls had a blast of course.  We did have a moment when one occupant flew open the door and screamed Boo that sent Bella, of all girls, into hysterics.  Going forth she was much more timid about going to the doors.  However, we went in for dinner, and her friend, her, and their dads ended up going back out for awhile!  Brooklyn ate up EVERY minute of it!!  She was running to every door.  She'd push through the big kids to get to the candy bowl.  She'd yell "Tic Teat."  It was precious!  At one house the person handed her one piece of candy and she proceeded to stick her hand in the bowl and grab a whole handful!!  We offered the stroller numerous times but no way!  Towards the end I was finally able to bribe her to get in with a sucker.  Boy does this girl LOVE her candy!

Enough words, time for the cuties!!  Again I wish I could share more!

Check these out!

Check these out!
Just click on the pictures:

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