Friday, July 20, 2012

A nightmare and answered prayers.....

(Thought I'd jump in and do a current post!  There is another new post today
below this one.)
Since I can't upload to our computer I posted these pics to Blog press
throughmy phone
 so the picture quality is horrible!  Sorry!

So today we headed off to Great America.
We were going to head to the water park but strangely enough it was a
littlecool and breezy today (we've been in the 90s and up for weeks
now :( ) sowe decided to just do some rides.
Things went great and the girls had a blast hitting some of their favorite

Brooklyn was SO excited to start things off on the merry-go-round!

Big girls were off having fun on rides with their friends so it was nice to have a little fun riding with baby girl. :)
She has NO fear!
These two took to the rides like pros!
At one point the big girls were off doing other rides while these two littles rode this ride over and over.  They loved it, and it turned out, each other also!  Brynn came over to ride with her and Landon's mommy had taken him off and Brooke started crying, "Olly, Olly." (I have no idea why she call him that) and refused to ride.  It was adorable.  Here she is starting to cry. :(

After catching a few more rides in another section we grabbed lunch and let the kids run around for a bit.  We then decided to head out with our friends.  The girls have been begging to do the Star Trek Tower ever since we started going to GA this season but we're always rushing to get Cookie to bed when we leave and I always say next time.  Since our friends headed out at a reasonable time I told the girls we could do it.  They were so excited!  So I dropped our stroller off and went to grab my wallet so we could head to the ride and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE.  Unfortunately, I had also stuck my phone into my wallet.  To make matters worse the Star Trek Tower is practically at the entrance of the park and last time I remember having my wallet was the kids area we had just come from which is literally all the way in the back of the park.  I pulled the girls over and told them I knew they were tired, but this was a very scary situation and that mommy was very upset and worried so I needed them to just try their best to bare with me.  I also asked them to start praying we would find my wallet.  So we rushed back to the kids area and there was no sign of my wallet.  I asked each attendant at the rides in that area if it had been turned in and nothing.  Agh I just felt so sick at this point and meanwhile the kids are exhausted from having walked around from 10-1.  So I'm rushing back to Lost and Found which is a little more than half way back.  Bella was the only one walking now and she was really starting to drop.  Every time I stopped to talk to somebody she sat on the ground. :(  So as we were walking she was a few feet behind me but I kept glancing back to keep an eye on her.  So I get to the lost and found and take a quick turn into the area where the building is and pass a couple that was just leaving the window and there in the counter was my WALLET!  They had literally just turned it in.  I can not tell you the relief that washed over me.  I also felt so blessed I could share how God answers our prayers, even little ones like helping us find lost wallets.  So I thanked the lady, praised the LORD of course, and said ok Bells lets go.  No Bella in sight.  Again my heart drops.  I yell for her thinking maybe she just went around the corner of the building.  Nothing.  Lost and found lady probably thought I was a crazy person who can't keep track of anything.  Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe Bella didn't see me round the corner in to the lost and found area and so I went racing out, didn't see her.  So I started walking the direction we had been heading and probably a few seconds later (although I assure you it felt much longer) I saw Bella nervously looking around. I ran to her and embraced her and she immediately burst into tears.  Oh my fret and worry over my stupid missing wallet was immediately erased with what had over come me just now.  Nightmare. 
The other day we had a lightning storm coming towards us (but it was still off in the distance) and the girls FREAKED out about it as we walked to our car.  Also a few weeks ago a fire alarm went off in a store we were in and again Bella irrationally freaked out.  So when we got in the car I was talking to the girls about how the way they reacted was the exact opposite way you want to react.  I told them if they find themselves in a hard, scary, or difficult situation the VERY FIRST thing to do: STAY CALM.  So while I was comforting Bella after we were reunited I said, "oh you must have felt so scared."  And she responded, "I did momma but I stayed calm."  So thankful my words had been remembered and hopefully helped her.  She really is just the sweetest thing. :)
After we all composed ourselves and I thanked God for returning my baby, and my wallet, we headed back to the Star Trek Tower that I was of course going to take them on now.  So once again we get to the ride, I park the stroller, and I hear Bella say, "Mom..."  I look and the ride is closed.  Someone had vomited on the ride and it was closed for cleaning.  Really?!  Okay time to go home.

Oh my.  So over all a great day at GA, just an unfortunate, dramatic end to the trip. :)
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Kelly said...

Wow! Super scary, but so awesome how God answered your prayers!

Craig said...

Yikes! Rough day.

The Stanfields said...

Glad y'all had a good time in spite of the scary moments! But a great teaching time for your girls about the power of prayer! Have a great weekend!

Lee-Ann said...

Oh totally heart attack! I had a couple of moments with my son at Disney like that. Scared the heck out of me!

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