Monday, August 30, 2010


We would love for you to meet....

Brooklyn Blythe Domier
(who is one week old today at 12:23pm!!)

Brooke is struggling with a little bit of jaundice right now, but as of this morning its on its way down without any outside intervention. So that is a blessing!

I hope to be back to my regular, scheduled blogging soon but to tide you over until then.... : )

A little sunbathing (through the window of course) to help with jaundice. : )

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is it.......!!

Well dear Friends and Family
the next time you hear from us
there will be one more of us!
We are way excited to spend some special time
with our Mormor and Poppi Glass and Domier.
We can not wait to hold our sister
And share her precious name with you
that hopefully mom and dad will have worked out by the time she's here!
Pray for mommy and her nerves and that surgery goes smoothly.
Pray that daddy holds up and takes good care of his girls.
And pray that Little Bean makes an uneventful, safe, and beautiful entrance into our world!

Please feel free to follow me on twitter for up to the minute updates!
And I'll be sure to post as soon as we're up for it and can.
We are scheduled to welcome Little Bean at noon on Monday, August 23rd!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Minute Fun.....

Well we packed our fun in this week!! One day we spent our morning at the spray park with some of our besties:
Anderson, Avielle, and Ellie
Mackenzie and Stephanie
Alyssa and Anna

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sprinkle.....

Since we are welcoming our third baby girl there is not a whole lot that we need. Even still my sweet, sweet friends through me a wonderful sprinkle. : ) They took me out to Noodles and Company- YUM- and Coldstone for dessert. They all pitched in and got me an awesome sling, which I totally wanted since I'm going to have my hands full! I also got diapers, bibs, and some great onesies, which you can never have enough of! After a lovely, adult time we headed to see a movie. It was such a nice evening out with great friends. Thanks ladies!
Shari and my big preggers self
Checking out the great sling!
Sarah and Somer (thanks for the pics)

Leah, Sarah, and Somer
Kelli and Pamela

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Her Work Hat.....

Since the hubs has been working on finishing our basement, the girls have been really into tools. Bella has asked on more than one occasion for her own tools. So when I saw someone on Freecycle offering a tool bench with a couple of tools I jumped at it. It wasn't quite what I was expecting (quite small) but the girls LOVE it and have played with it every day since I've gotten it. Along with this tool bench I got some other random infant toys. Also included in this bag was a hat. Brynn took to this hat immediately. She puts it on every time they play with the tool bench. She calls it her work hat.
What do you think?

Oh this little one just cracks me up!

Monday, August 16, 2010

7 days from right now, I'll be holding my baby!!!

Well my friends, one week. Wow. That's just crazy. I'm a bit of a mix of emotions. Physically, I'm absolutely ready. : ) And I am so excited to meet her, hold her, see who she looks like. I can't wait for her sisters to meet her and hold her, and for that matter they can't either.


Then there is a whole mix of things I'm nervous about. I'm still nervous about the surgery, terrified about breast feeding (had terrible experiences with the other two), worried how Brynnie will take the change, not looking forward to the lack of sleep, and just the extra load of watching three kiddos. I also feel like we still have a lot to get done around here!

I'm determined to make the most of this week and hope to do some fun things with the girls. A friend suggested having the girls paint pottery for the baby and I think that's adorable! I also want to take the girls and myself to get some pampering and get our nails done (I did this with Bella before Brynn was born too)! We also plan on getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather while I still can!

One crazy thing to mention, I think I'm totally having contractions or maybe braxton hicks! So not consistent or often but I've never had them before so who knows. Just a lot of pressure and my stomach tightens. What do you think?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lots of Lasts....

Well yesterday I had my second to last doctors appointment! And today I went and did what is hopefully my last grocery run for awhile. : ) Lots of lasts coming our way.

Everything looked good yesterday at my appointment. Nothing real exciting to report. I'm up to 26 pounds. : ( That's my most of all my pregnancies (I was 20 with Bella and 25 with Brynn). Oops. I swear, though, at least 5 pounds of that has to be my feet. I actually took a picture of them but then thought better than subjecting you to my nasty, swollen feet. Lets just say they're so swollen that I have creases on the top where my legs meet my feet, that's crazy! One good thing though is I've heard since it's mostly water weight you tend to lose it quickly.......right?!

So we're just hanging in there for the last little bit! I'm hoping to do lots with the girls in the next week. Thankfully, the weather, or the humidity rather, is suppose to subside a bit next week so hopefully my feet can take some action with my big girls!

And then my mom arrives next Friday!! Hooray for reinforcements!!

And since I hate to post without pictures, here are some from the other day. The girls and I headed to the next town over for their weekly children's concert. This particular day David Chicken was performing, he's pretty entertaining to the kiddos. It was, of course, a hot muggy day but I was finally feeling like myself again and want the girls to be getting out and enjoying activities, since who knows when I'll be up for it again, so we went for it! Thankfully they were selling freeze pops for a quick cool down. We enjoyed the concert, little playtime on the playground, and quick picnic lunch. During the concert they asked for volunteers for the Dog Robot song and of course Bella wanted part. So here's Bella being a robot. : ) Brynn wasn't having it, staying close to her momma. : )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family of Four....

Since the hubs has been so busy with finishing our basement, I've wanted to take any open opportunity to spend time as a family 4.

I can only say that for two more weeks!! So we actually had an open morning the other day and headed to the lake. We had the whole beach to ourselves! I loved watching the girls play with their daddy and make a fabulous castle, while I captured the moment. : )

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Morning with My Baby......

I can't say that much longer.
That has mixed emotions for me.
I'm excited to welcome a new precious girl into our lives,
but I hate to see my current baby grow up.
I remember crying about that for Bella...
.....on the way to the hospital to have Brynn.
It's hard on a mommy's heart,
to have such mixed emotions.
So with Bella at VBS (vacation bible school) for the morning,
I took the opportunity to soak in some one-on-one time with my baby.
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." : )

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