Monday, August 16, 2010

7 days from right now, I'll be holding my baby!!!

Well my friends, one week. Wow. That's just crazy. I'm a bit of a mix of emotions. Physically, I'm absolutely ready. : ) And I am so excited to meet her, hold her, see who she looks like. I can't wait for her sisters to meet her and hold her, and for that matter they can't either.


Then there is a whole mix of things I'm nervous about. I'm still nervous about the surgery, terrified about breast feeding (had terrible experiences with the other two), worried how Brynnie will take the change, not looking forward to the lack of sleep, and just the extra load of watching three kiddos. I also feel like we still have a lot to get done around here!

I'm determined to make the most of this week and hope to do some fun things with the girls. A friend suggested having the girls paint pottery for the baby and I think that's adorable! I also want to take the girls and myself to get some pampering and get our nails done (I did this with Bella before Brynn was born too)! We also plan on getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather while I still can!

One crazy thing to mention, I think I'm totally having contractions or maybe braxton hicks! So not consistent or often but I've never had them before so who knows. Just a lot of pressure and my stomach tightens. What do you think?


Kelly said...

Wow, 1 week!! That's amazing! I know the feeling of being so ready physically, but not being so ready in other ways. I hope you have a wonderful week with the girls doing the special things you have planned. I am praying for you!

I had contractions like that for like 4 weeks before I had Lily. It was crazy just to feel the pressure and my belly get hard as a rock!

HeatherOz said...

Yeah, sounds like braxton hicks if they're not consistent.
Have fun this week! Your baby's birthday will be one day after Daisy's!

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