Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look Who's 3 Months!!

Cutest baby ever, that's who!!

I can NOT believe my little Brookie Cookie is 3 months!
(actually 3 months and a week, I'm a little behind- story of my life these days!)

She's still the best baby ever. Never makes a peep, other than lots and lots of cooing and other cute baby gibberish.
She is SO squirmy. The girl is always moving. Makes me a little nervous for when she finally becomes mobile!
She is finally starting to out grow some of her 0-3 clothing and I'm going to buy size 2 diapers next time we need diapers. :(
I know its great she's healthy, and growing, but it makes me so sad when they move up sizes! Its going way to fast, and the chance that this could be my last newborn makes me even sadder.
I'm soaking of every minute of Brooklyn and lovin' it!
She makes it from 8pm-5am at night which I can totally handle, especially when I get to see this sweet face smiling back at me.
We, however, are having nap issues! She likes to wake after only 45 minutes and I have to quickly get to her and reinsert her paci before she wakes up too much (then she goes back down for another 2 hrs.). Its so hard because unfortunately we are always on the go for her morning nap. So she naps great on the go but horrible at home. So trying to figure out how to get her past that! Any suggestions?

Besides constantly squirming, Brooke is always making the silliest faces!
She's not quite as serious of a baby as Bella was, but not nearly as smiley as Brynn.

Oh I could just eat her up, she's so precious!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hoping to Share Pics.....

Well I was excited to share pics from our Thanksgiving festivities but I just discovered none of the pics from this last week downloaded and I cleared the camera!!! I am praying my mom has copies since she likes to steal the pics I take. So hopefully I will have them to share. :(

But we had an absolute blast with my whole fam. My parents, 2 bros, SIL, and my grandpa all stayed with us this last week and it couldn't have been more fun. Unless, of course, they stayed longer. :) Needless to say our house looked like a tornado had gone through it and its finally back in tip top, Christmasy, shape!

Thanks family for celebrating Turkey Day with us, we are thankful for each and every one of you!

(taking a pic for my parent's xmas card so Papa Bear wasn't in it)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends!

I'm so, so thankful. That's all I can say. So, so thankful. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Agh! I have so much to share and blog about and so little time! : (

Several weeks ago the hubs ran in Chicago's Urban Athalon. We always enjoy trips downtown. One because we love the city and two it gives us a chance to see our good friends, the Lymans, from the usual suspects.

Before I share others I must share these. There are these beautiful line of tree at a park near their home. Every time I see them I want to take pictures of them. This trip, with all the trees in their fall color glory, I could not pass it up. As everyone else kept walking, Brynnie and I stopped to snap some pics.

Whoooo's the cutest!? You are baby girl, you are!:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Sis & Baby Sis

So yesterday I asked Bella to babysit Brooke while I put Brynn down for a nap. I came back down to this! So precious! Its a little over 4 minutes, sorry, but it was just too cute to stop taping. ; )
Looks like I've got a good babysitter on my hands!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Girly Girl.....

My first born cracks me up.
She is a girly girl thru and thru.
Most days she insists on being in a dress.
This particular day she wanted to wear this dress because of the "pretty, sparkly, gold buttons."
I told her I had to get her picture because she looked so precious, so she then proceeded to strike some poses for me (I swear she does these things all on her own!).

I sure love this girly girl. : )

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Growing up....

So I got Bella's school pics and be still my heart!
As I mentioned last year, I had low expectations since it is almost impossible for me to get a nice, posed smile from Bella, so I doubted the talents of a stranger. But somehow they have, two years in a row now!

Here was last year's pic:
And this year:
Look at how much older she looks!
Ugh. Bella has this habit of as soon as she comes home she rips off her shoes and socks and always rolls up her sleeves. Apparently, she's not ready to let go of summer wear. Anyway, like I said she always, always has to have her sleeves rolled up, so I was not too happy when I saw her sleeved rolled up in her school pic. : ( Oh well, what can you do!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Random and Halloween Pics!

I'm sitting here with the sweetest 10 week old just watching me from her bouncer. : )
So we didn't buy candy this year for Halloween. The girls had gone trick-o-treating the previous day at the little downtown area in our town and there may be a chance that we just used the candy from their stash to hand out to trick-o-treaters. : )

So Brynn totally has the ability to be potty trained!! I discovered this, with my dear mom's help, and she went 3 days successfully with only one accident (while at a friends house and I totally forgot to remind her). Only problem is: mommy is too lazy to do it. I gave up. : ( I now know she can do it but its just TOO much work for me right now, having to remind her, take her, make sure she goes before we go somewhere, etc. So she could do it but her mommy isn't ready. : )

So I was out with Brook and Brynn and Brynn had been begging me for a drink all morning. Unfortunately, I had left her sippy at home but no matter how many times I informed her of this she just kept asking. Finally, I had had enough and after I fed Brooke her bottle, I gave the leftover bottle (of breastmilk) to Brynn to drink! I told her this was all I had, thinking no way would she drink it. I was wrong, she drank the rest up! Is that terrible!?

I know what you're thinking, mother of year right here. Right?

So Bella is totally into rhyming right now. She loves telling me words that she discovers that rhyme, and she's pretty accurate.

Brynn saves her BMs for nap time and bed time everyday. I've tried having her sit on the potty, holding off until she does her business (but then she gets to bed WAY late) and nothing works. I don't want to punish her of course but I feel like its her way of putting off bedtime. Any ideas?!

K, was that random enough for you!? : ) Now time for cute picture overload!

Phew, this weekend exhausted me! The girls got the opportunity to trick-o-treat 3 times. Although Bella could have kept going and going. This year was fun because Bella got really into it and understood things better. She even insisted on picking out her own costume.
Both girls wanted to be princesses. I know, shocking. Bella wanted to be Cinderella and Brynn wanted to be Aurora. Luckily, we already had each of those in our dress up collection! Here are some pics from our 3 trick-o-treating outings!

My pretty Cinderella
She was so tickled to have her hair curled.

Her parade at school.
They sang us a couple of songs, it was SO cute.

Trick-o-treating in our little downtown .

We ran into lots of friends, including Kelsey Hannah Montana.
We met up with two of Bella's preschool friend's families.
Our little bear was quite the trooper! Just snuggled in daddy's arms and watched the happenings.
Then our neighborhood trick-o-treating was 1-5 so we went out with our neighbors.
Brynn was trilled to have her hair curled like her big sis too!

Brynn didn't want a pic with our neighbors. : (
Little Bear slept through the whole thing. : )
They had a blast running door to door!
This one was done pretty quickly though!
Then that night we went to our good friend's neighborhood where trick-o-treating was 4-8 so the kiddos could go out together.
It was much cooler so we got bundled up!
Our buddies Avi, Anderson, and Ellie came shortly after this pic.

Once again our little bear was a trooper, and slept through it all again.
Here's the whole clan!
What a great, exhausting Halloween!

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